Dog Bathing 101

IMG_6327 Bailey DandruffI never thought I’d be proudly sharing pics of my dog’s dandruff, but here goes…
I have been dealing with dog hair my whole life. My early childhood dog memories involve watching a black and white TV on the floor in front of an oil stove with my head on a hairy Saint Bernard Dog as a pillow. With outside dogs especially, Spring brings with it an explosion of hair that almost cannot be reckoned with.
And I thought I knew all about how to do it. Boy, was I wrong.
When these HandsOn Grooming Gloves came along, I read the manufacturer’s literature (because I am nerdy like that). One of the benefits touted was the spreading of natural skin oils and releasing of dandruff.

“Yadda-yadda-yadda” I thought, ANY kind of brushing with any tool does that; it sounded like just another bit of hype to promote this new product.
Imagine my surprise, however, when after just a few strokes with the gloves, along with the expected amount of hair, I also began seeing a shocking amount of dandruff! I have owned this dog for years, and her coat is ALWAYS shiny; no hint of dandruff, so she is living proof that these gloves really DO achieve results that other tools do not.
This day was also bath day, so next the gloves were put to the test with soap and water added:

IMG_6355 bailey bathBIGHow wonderful it is to be able to scrub with both handsĀ 
Bailey only gets a few baths a year, so she’s always a little concerned about what is going on. Since we were in the middle of the driveway, I needed to be able to grab her leash quickly in case she decided to leave the scene. The gloves let me do that with ease. A luxury you don’t have with regular grooming mitts.

IMG_6345 bailey bath

You don’t even have to take them off to serve up the shampoo!
You can open the bottle easily, and pour into your palm without it running everywhere and being wasted. And see the wide wristband? That’s got a grippy velcro fastener on the other side, so these gloves do NOT move around on your hands, even when slippery with soap.

Look at all that hair. And just like the manufacturer says – All you have to do is flip your hand and the accumulated hair in the gloves falls right out.
The hair on the driveway is what was loosened by the gloves and rinsed off. As if the successful grooming and bath was not enough, I discovered that these gloves actually CLEAN THEMSELVES. Look again at the top picture with the dandruff. See how dusty and cruddy my glove looks? To this point I had only used them dry on the horses, so the breathable fabric on the back was quite dirty, as were the palms. When I finished up with Bailey’s bath and rinsed everything off with plain water, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I was wearing what looked like brand new gloves. I just hung them up to finish drying and that was it.
Regular price on these is $29.99, but the manufacturer has authorized a $5.00 discount for a limited time, making them a bargain (I think) at $24.99
To order click here

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