Farriers – folks are watching you!

Sorry to creep you out, but it’s true. 
With all the hubbub these days about privacy, huge measures are being taken to manage what various business entities are allowed to do with a person’s personal information. As a marketer who uses this information to help make decisions about products & promotions, it is very valuable to me in terms of being profitable to be able to accurately target folks who are likely to be interested in what we have to offer.
But there’s a whole ‘nother privacy thing that can come under the microscope when you work for the public. Like a farrier does. Every day, all across the world farriers make appearances at various folks’ farms to do their work. And they’re being observed. And sometimes (probably most times) those folks form an opinion about what they see. If it’s interesting enough, they tell their friends. With the advent of the internet, they can tell a LOT of friends.

Dog Bathing 101

IMG_6327 Bailey DandruffI never thought I’d be proudly sharing pics of my dog’s dandruff, but here goes…
I have been dealing with dog hair my whole life. My early childhood dog memories involve watching a black and white TV on the floor in front of an oil stove with my head on a hairy Saint Bernard Dog as a pillow. With outside dogs especially, Spring brings with it an explosion of hair that almost cannot be reckoned with.
And I thought I knew all about how to do it. Boy, was I wrong. Continue reading Dog Bathing 101