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I started out as a horse crazy girl, who, when she couldn’t be riding horses would draw them instead. There didn’t seem to be employers lining up with jobs needing girls to ride and/or draw horses all day, so I put that aside and went off to college for a sensible degree in Graphic Design.

I married a farrier and unleashed the repressed horse art into promotional materials for him, and later, other farriers. The long story is here.

In spite of both of us working full time, we were basically poor. Interest rates were in the teens and banks were stingy with loans. We desperately wanted a small farm, but there were none to be had in our price range.

Except… an abandoned farmhouse situated on the corner of a remote patch of land owned by a corporation in another state. God had His hand in that one, as door after door swung wide open and this naive, albeit energetic couple purchased our “dream” (and I use that term loosely) house in the country.

Along the way we acquired a menagerie of animals, loved them, and cried when they left us.

This blog is an eclectic compilation of our adventures along the way.

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  1. I am blessed to have found your site. I recently ordered 25 book marks with the riders prayer on it. I brought them to our first ride club meeting in Sept. and they were all taken. Thank you again, Mary Abraham.


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