More looking back… Scary pictures, recycling and repurposing

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Here’s our front doorway shortly after remodeling commenced. There’s no actual door on it at this point; it’s been removed so we could rake the debris out more easily. We started upstairs and worked our way down, so climbing the steps meant navigating this avalanche of plaster, lath and nails.

Last time I showed you pictures of our house before we bought it, and told the story about how that event came to pass (the purchasing of an abandoned house that was not for sale).

These days, Remodeling, Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing is all the rage. The internet is fairly bursting with websites and blogs full of ideas to facilitate this useful phenomenon. However, back in the late 1980’s, keeping old crummy stuff around was not so cool. It was something us poor people did until we could afford new stuff. Or, instead of buying new, we took old, crummy things, and FIXED THEM so they were nice and new again. At least that was the idea. And it was a very messy process that we are still surviving to this very day. Continue reading More looking back… Scary pictures, recycling and repurposing

Sometimes you have to look back… at scary pictures

JZ511All over the internet are quotes about NOT looking back.

My company even carries a necklace that instructs: DON’T LOOK BACK THAT’S NOT WHERE YOU’RE GOING. But today that is exactly what I am going to do.

I am going to look back.

House before we bought it Shown here is our house circa 1988, a few months before we bought it. At this point the nicest thing about the whole spread was the asphalt driveway, which was in surprisingly good shape. Except for the trench that the tenant farmers had cut across it in an effort to keep folks from driving in. People had figured out that it was a good place to dump their trash; everything from used diapers, tires, construction debris. No one had lived here for at least ten years.

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