What’s in a barn?


This verse by Lauren Davis Baker is mostly about the love of horses – but the portion about barns highlighted above really resonates with me.

Here in Indiana, there are thousands of vintage barns – many are well over 100 years old. The one in this picture was in my parent’s family for generations. Sadly, these things don’t last forever; times change, land use goals change, age and weather deteriorate even the most steadfast of materials. The barn is gone now, but here’s a picture of it in it’s last year – which was just a few years ago, NOT the 1950’s as the truck might indicate.

Sarah w20 picMy seasoned blogger friends advise me to avoid making lengthy blog posts with multi-faceted topics, so I’ll refrain right now. But, stay tuned.

There are stories to be told. About the barn. About the truck. About the horse in the barn photo above. And, as always, more fun on the farm!

Want to see what happens next?

Fun on the Farm Part 1 is here

The Epic Mess of Fixing the Fireplace is here

Tearing Down an Old Barn to Repurpose the Timbers in the house is here

The adventure of utilizing the first few timbers as a Fireplace Mantle is here

Utilizing more timbers in a big room upstairs – Of Trials and Strong Backs is here

No One Will Ever See It – an Adventure In Remodeling is here

We are still not finished, but you can see “The Aftermath” of one barn beam project here

Sometimes you have to look back… at scary pictures here

More looking back… Scary pictures, recycling and repurposing here


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