My stupidest horse training mistake

What I learned from this one set me on a whole new path with horses…

A while back, I revealed my stupidest dog training mistake, ever, involving our Jack Russell Terrier Lucy. That’s here.

This one’s a doozy; my Arabian mare Allarista was on the receiving end of a desensitizing effort gone very, very wrong. I bought her as a green-broke 3-year-old. I had started and ridden youngsters before, so it was no big deal (so I thought). However, a few years off to have a baby can change a lot about a woman manages dicey situations involving horses. Allie was (is) a good girl. She was started right by her breeder and has excellent ground manners. But she wasn’t too sure about her new owner (me) who didn’t seem to have her act together.

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A story about trust… and following your heart

Billy’s Story – Part 1

Originally published in the HoofPrints Newsletter – November, 2008

In the summer of 2008, I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience… After years without a vacation of any length, my parents graciously offered to bring my 15 year old son Jordan and myself on an adventure out West. (thanks, Mom & Dad) To ensure that I didn’t worry about things back home, my husband Rob elected to stay here and tend to the farm and all the animals.

Our 2 week odyssey was packed with many miles and lots of sights and experiences as we traversed South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. The South Dakota leg of the trip included a stay at the HoofPrints Lodge in Lead, SD and trail rides guided by Andy’s Trail Rides.

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