“I got this, really. How hard can it be?” – A chapter of My Stubborn Valentine

Last time saw my husband Rob expending considerable time and effort, orchestrating the demolition of an old barn some 50 miles from our home in Alexandria, Indiana – hauling the timbers back here for an undetermined project, and storing them safely in a rented barn down the road. The effort was a success, but it concluded with both of us exhausted, and not too keen on wrestling those big beams around any more. For a while. Continue reading “I got this, really. How hard can it be?” – A chapter of My Stubborn Valentine

“Tell them that we will take it.” – A chapter of My Stubborn Valentine

February always finds me sharing Valentine’s Day stories, and this year is no exception. Most folks view the adjective “stubborn” as a negative trait. And indeed the very first word of dictionary.com’s definition is “unreasonably“. However, option two and three are much more flattering in that they tell us a stubborn person is:

fixed or set in purpose on opinion; resolute and

obstinately maintained, as a course of action

These describe my Valentine (husband Rob) to a T. Continue reading “Tell them that we will take it.” – A chapter of My Stubborn Valentine

What’s in a barn?


This verse by Lauren Davis Baker is mostly about the love of horses – but the portion about barns highlighted above really resonates with me.

Here in Indiana, there are thousands of vintage barns – many are well over 100 years old. The one in this picture was in my parent’s family for generations. Sadly, these things don’t last forever; times change, land use goals change, age and weather deteriorate even the most steadfast of materials. The barn is gone now, but here’s a picture of it in it’s last year – which was just a few years ago, NOT the 1950’s as the truck might indicate. Continue reading What’s in a barn?

Fun on the Farm – Part 1

house beforeFB

So, HoofPrints began as a home-based business. But first we had to fix the home! Above is our house when we purchased it in 1989. We thought we could save money by doing the work ourselves; we had no idea what we were getting into. It had stood empty for at least 10 years.  The windows were broken out, wiring and plumbing ruined. It had been vandalized extensively, anything of value was stolen (including the garage door, light fixtures and the hand rail for the stairway) and instead trash was left behind. Lots and lots of trash. An entire generation of local teenagers spent time partying at this “haunted” house. A theory validated by the fact that the word SLAYER was carved into the living room paneling, and an upstairs bedroom was painted completely black (ceiling included). 

Continue reading Fun on the Farm – Part 1


Gina w-Clydesdale

This is the first post in my new blog. Bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress, share my struggles, stories and thoughts.

The photo shown was taken in 2009, in my hometown of Portland, Indiana. The local beer distributor had arranged for the Budweiser Clydesdales to make an appearance in the small town. It was awesome to see the hitch up close and personal, although I was disappointed that they didn’t let them trot down the street. But the walking was thunderous enough…

This particular horse was one of the youngest in the hitch, and the handlers shared that he’d not quite learned to stand patiently when they were stopped for photo opps. So, this shot, caught by my husband Rob with his phone at just the right instant is NOT really the two of us sharing a “moment” but instead this big guy is in mid- head toss. At any rate, I don’t have many good pics of myself (I’m always manning the camera) so I’ll keep this as one of my favorites.

Featured image photo by Lauren Duncan