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2 new food stories + surprising response from farriers – COVID-19 has precipitated some strange happenings here at HoofPrints With a nod to Homer Simpson; Mmm…Beef is a short story. ApplePalooza – An Unlikely Way to Dry a Lot of Apples. Farriers buying more custom business cards and invoices. Farriers’ Fitting Hot No Fuss Spicy Green Eggs & ??? Recipe (3/26/2021)

So, I did a thing, and the timing is TERRIBLE on this new vest. However, the vest does have a Napoleon pocket! New sweater fleece vest has unique and coveted chest (Napoleon) pocket, unfortunately it does not repel horse hair. March special continues. (3/24/2021)

Here, put this in your… Never mind. There’s no room. Tiny house of purses let you carry your stuff and no one elses. Chala purses are perfectly and intricately sewn. TERRIBLE timing on brand new vest. What’s a Napoleon pocket? True Love Pewter pendant looks better with beaded necklace. Green special continues. (3/15/2021)

Show me some GREEN! But not in the kitchen – A Tale of Regret and Relief. HoofPrints is a home-based business, but first we had to fix the home; remodeling the kitchen. March Special is FREE SHIPPING on all the green stuff. HoofPrints’ new (used) embroidery machines. NEW Barn Girl Quilted Vest. HandsOn Grooming Gloves. (3/5/2021)

Sure to incite a laugh. Or horror? The Housekeeping Edition – Conflicting advice for horsewomen: “Make Something” vs “Clean Something” vs “Do Little.” Martha Beck quotes, Gina’s hairball story makes her the housekeeping equivalent to Matt Foley the “Motivational Speaker.” HORSEwork before HOUSEwork sign. Favorite dish towel story; BlueQ’s pass the test. Rockin’ Green dishwasher detergent. (2/28/2021)

What happened was so awful that it took me over a year to write about it – Remembering Bailey; My Crazy Cover Dog. New and Half Price Dog Books. Life is Short – Play With Your Dog T-shirt (2/24/2021)

I want you all to come stay at my house – HoofPrints Guest Lodge in Black Hills, South Dakota. New and Half Price books about Cowgirls, Wester Horses, Cowboy Gear and more. Boss Lady Bundle of 6 cowgirl products Half Off (2/20/2021)

New books for farriers, blacksmiths, horse and dog lovers – most are HALF PRICE! Plus a fun story about the Blacksmith Calendar. History of the Blacksmith in Photographs new book by Bryan Crawmer. HoofPrints Blacksmith Calendar back issues used as reference for amusing Kraft Cheesy Skillet tv commercial. New and Half Price books. (2/18/2021)

I got this, really. How hard can it be? A chapter of My Stubborn Valentine Deconstructing an old barn and repurposing beams for a fireplace mantle. HoofPrints donkey and mule products include book SMART ASS – How a Donkey Challenged Me to Accept His True Nature and Rediscover My Own by Margaret Winslow (2/14/2021)

One Day – or Day One: here’s some new stuff I can finally talk about… but first – a FREEBIE! This limited edition inspirational magnet is free for the asking. 1934 Chevy Canopy Express is fashioned into a makeshift farrier rig for HoofPrints T-shirt design. Lounge pants that almost weren’t. Anvil-Shaped Mailbox is a big hit. (2/12/21)

Here, put this on. It’ll solve everything – Pandemic Edition. 3 reasons why vests are best: nice fabric, excellent pockets, appropriately sized arm holes. HoofPrints own Horseshoe Lounge Pants are loaded with good details + super comfy. Hoarding pays off on horsey fabric face masks for COVID-19. (2/9/2021)

If you bought Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar you’d know today is the anniversary date of Huaso setting the high jump record = 8’1″. It’s one of the world’s longest unbroken sports records. Author Michael Johnson’s horses featured on February calendar page. Quote from Healing Shine, A Spiritual Assignment. Five-star reviews on Avoid Housework – Live Outside Blender Bottle. Gina accidentally took a pretty-good picture while documenting a revived fire in the stove. (2/5/2021)

Stressed out? We have something for that. New stuff just in time for Valentine’s Day. Can smelling lavender help your horse to relax and behave better? Science says that it can. Journeys™ Calming Lavender Essentials for Horse & Rider. Horsewoman’s Lavender and Sweet Orange Hand soap has embossed horseshoes and glitter! (2/2/2021)

Top 5 health reasons to drink QuenchWater Farriers Blend Coffee. It’s roasted, blended and ground exclusively for HoofPrints by Harrison Street Roasters in Alexandria, Indiana. Life is short, eat the brownies story. Stainless steel travel mug looks like forged damascus steel. Simon Curtis’ Hoof of the Horse book, Tails of a Horseshoer book is autographed by author Ray Legel. (1/30/2021)

All Farrier Edition: HALF OFF farrier products + NEW stuff I’ve not talked about. Things not to say to a farrier wall calendar – example from November talks about mysteriously “lost” shoes and illustrates a creepy tree that’s pulling them off. Sleeping with a farrier night shirts for Valentine’s day. Farrier tools charm bracelet has 10 super detailed sterling silver farrier tool charms. Half off Tools of the Trade heavy sweatshirts. Passion & Patience – A Farriers’ Dilemma by John Sargent Noble available in prints and note cards (1/27/2021)

Can you do me a favor? Gina puts on her big-girl panties and asks customers to review products. 12+ five-star garments on sale including I TRAIN HORSES TO EAT CARROTS. Elizabeth Letts’ Perfect Horse book is half price; watch video of the author telling the story about how she came to write it. (1/23/2021)

If you bought Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar you would know that today is Black Jack, the Caparisoned Horse’s birthday Story about Black Jack, FREE Coffee with Quenchwater Baseball Jersey, Favorite Horse Quotes One Day or Day One collectable magnet, Sleeping with a Farrier night shirt (1/19/2021)

When things get tough, how do you cope? We’ve got 10 things for that – see which ones fit you! 2021 Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar Art, Not My Circus – Not My Monkeys Mug, QuenchWater Farrier Coffee, Stories from COWGIRLS Coffee Table Book, Grooming Quote from Anna Blake’s Relaxed and Forward, Gina’s story about Genesis Gold Supplement (1/16/2021)

National Dress Up Your Pet Day! HoofPrints’ Pinterest Boards, Susan Harris’ Visible Horse and Rider video series, Free collectable magnet, HALF OFF Heartbeat for Horses Sweatshirts (1/14/21)

Hoarding pays off! The Pandemic Edition, How COVID-19 affected life and work at HoofPrints, Story behind HoofPrints’ own horsey cloth face masks, Horseshoer’s Hand Soap, Mmm… Beef story, Horse Woman’s Balm for dry hands, Gina’s review of horseshoe print lounge pants, Story about coloring, New Horse Brain, Human Brain book (1/12/2021)

One Day – or Day One; here’s some new stuff I can finally talk about, 1934 Chevy Canopy Express Motorized Blacksmith Shop, Canopy Express T-shirt for farriers, Anvil-shaped mailbox (1/10/2021)

Anniversary date of first Mister Ed episode, Hollywood Hoofbeats book, HoofPrints customer (a farrier) quizzes his horseshoeing clients on the names of movie horses, Farriers Fitting Hot & Spicy Tuna Salad recipe uses our own Hot Sauce (1/5/2021)


All Farrier Edition: Some good news and some bad news, 2021 Magnetic Business Card Calendars – stories about the new art by Lesley Bruce, 2021 Farrier Wall Calendar features cringe-worthy situations, Farrier Organizer has improved, heavier weight paper, Ass Kicking Pain Balm for Farriers really works, Farrier Tools Charm bracelet has mistake on price in catalog. Horseshoers Hand Soap (12/30/2020)

Year End Farrier Edition – Consider starting the New Year with New Business Forms, Lower minimum on custom farrier invoices, Stock invoices available in money-saving assortment, Story behind Farrier Doorhanger Envelopes, Embroidered Farrier Sweatshirt, Freeze-dried hoof and leg models available (a rarity), Damascus steel travel mug (12/27/2020)

The Politics of Holiday Pie – Story from Anna Blake’s Going Steady – More Relationship Advice from Your Horse, More excellent quotes from Going Steady “Your horse doesn’t care if you’re always right; he just wants to trust himself through your partnership. Your confidence is his confidence. Train that.” Save $10.85 on the Anna Blake Book Set, NEW! Journeys™ Calming Lavender Essentials for Horse & Rider (12/26/2020)

Here, put this on. It’ll solve everything – 3 reasons why vests are best Sweater fleece vest is best of both worlds for utility and comfort. And they have POCKETS! Gifts for dog lovers; Life is Short – Play with Your Dog T-shirt, HERO DOGS book; How a pack of rescues, rejects and strays became America’s greatest disaster search partners (12/22/2020)

I don’t know who needs to read this, but– Stop tracking that package USPS shipments have unprecedented delays. Farriers’ Fitting Hot Sauce almost wasn’t, Horseshoe Lounge Pants make a fun and unique gift, Deluxe assortment of horsey gift wrap, FREE decorative thermometer with purchase (limited time offer), HoofPrints scented candles for horse and dog lovers (12/17/2020)

Things were going great. Until… what happened next was almost enough to give me a bad attitude. USPS shipments begin to train-wreck. Chala purses make great gifts, Bowling Bag is surprising best-seller. Brown canvas midsize crossbody and cell phone purses. BAD ATTITUDE department of products; You’re Basically Broke, I Hate Everyone Too, and I Prefer Tequila (12/16/2020)

Frozen Long Johns & Other Christian Horse Stories Plus An Extra Flake – A Snack for the Spirit. Excerpt from Rebecca Ondov’s Horse Tales from Heaven book. Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar makes a great Christmas gift. USPS shipments are taking longer than expected. (12/14/2020)

That was a nail biter; the Farrier Hot Sauce that almost wasn’t, missing pants and FREE thermometer offer. Silk-like horseshoe lounge pants were worth the wait. Horsey gift wrap set comes with free thermometer. HoofPrints own scented candles (12/13/2020)

We could all use a bit of Silky Sullivan in our lives – if you have the Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar you would know that on this day in 1957 Silky Sullivan won the Golden Gate Futurity after making up 27 lengths. His name is now a term used in sports and politics for someone who seem so far behind the competition that they cannot win, yet they do. Beautiful Jim Key movie still a possibility, David Hoffman video about it has over two million views. Short excerpt from Going Steady by Anna Blake. (12/7/2020)

Do you do Horseshoe Crafts? What about spicy green eggs? Ideas for crafts and cooking! Horseshoe Crafts book a big hit with farriers and horse lovers. Gina’s recipe for pickled eggs includes Farriers’ Fitting Hot Sauce. Quenchwater Coffee, I Train Horses… To Eat Carrots T-shirts, Half price book sale (12/4/2020)

8 Crappy Christmas gift ideas for horse lovers – what’s with the crap? A single horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day… taking an average of 3 weeks to produce it’s own weight in poop – from Little Book of Horse Poop. Manure Movers of America garments. Crappy sign tells folks where to go; “If you’re going to act like a turd, go lay in the pasture”. Same sh*t, different day mug story. Crappy Christmas card says; “Crap, now we’re lost. Who said the horse knows the way?” Story behind the song. Tails of a Horseshoer book quote; “Road Apple Assault”. Horse’s ass jewelry, Rockin’ Green Activewear Laundry Detergent is great for farriers and horse people. (12/3/2020)

They finally failed but they did NOT fall apart – Stories about Gina and the Tuff Chix Gloves. Pictures of 8 year old worn-out gloves. How I solved real horse problems using positive training methods. (12/2/2020)

Stories for Cyber Monday – Behind the scenes trivia about popular products. Just a Little Donkey verse “I gladly carried Mary through the chaos of the crowd” meaningful to donkey lovers. Dog Christmas card; “May all your Christmas prayers be answered” features vintage art from Russian postcard. Mrs Claus upgrades to a More Powerful Ride features Belgian horse. Chores in the barn card is the only one we’ve done without a horse, dog or something farrier related on it. Full yet – Nope. card perfect for hay growers. (11/30/2020)

Shop small, y’all! 8 gift ideas that support small business. HoofPrints got started in 1986 with owner Gina Keesling making promotional materials for farrier husband Rob. Horse and dog face masks handmade exclusively for HoofPrints, Ass Kicking Pain Balm for farriers and other hard working folks. Annie Oakley Perfumery’s Journeys Calming Lavender Essentials for Horse and Rider. Mary Ann Kennedy autographed music CDs. QuenchWater Farrier’s Blend Coffee, I’m Listening with a Broken Ear book by Vicky Kaseorg. Lizabettas Vintage Jewelry and American made novelty signs. (11/28/2020)

Happy Thanksgiving – No Bull! HoofPrints customers are THE BEST! HoofPrints has tons of unique new items that will make great Christmas Gifts. Remember to SHOP SMALL. I am excited about all the new finds I’ve got for you all; many are ONLY available from HoofPrints. (11/26/2020)

30 days ’til Christmas – check out these 13 creative gift ideas – HoofPrints has stuff that no one else does. 2021 Favorite Horse Quotes calendar is best promotion ever and makes a great gift. COWGIRLS is a book I dream about finding for my customers – sample pages and excerpts illustrate why. 7 Farrier Gift Ideas. Damascus… Travel Mugs and SOCKS?! Ori-WHAT? Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative figures. How-to book + sterling silver jewelry. (11/24/2020)

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and other stories. Story behind the new Barn Chores Card, and the original Barn Chores Card. Happy Holi-neighs Horsey Christmas Card by Lesley Bruce story. May All Your Christmas Prayers be Answered dog card. O Holy Night photo is so awesome other photo buyers reject it because they thought it is Photoshopped. Mrs Claus Upgrades to a More Powerful Ride features Nancy Robertson riding a big Belgian mare. May Your Neighs be Merry and Bright card features horse from Caberneigh Farm. Putting Heart and Sole into Happy? Holiday Wishes controversial photo of dog getting kicked at. Christmas on the Farm book of vintage Christmas ideas for gifts and food. (11/21/2020)

Never thought I’d be photographing my underpants and socks to sell a product – but here goes… A unique (and useful) Christmas gift idea. Horseshoe Brand Vintage Style Rack is a faithful reproduction of an actual rack that our grandmas used. Most Memorable Days end with the Dirtiest Clothes. Rockin’ Green Horse People’s Laundry Detergent. Annie Oakley Wool Dryer Balls. (11/19/2020)

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