Things aren’t always what they appear

A few years ago, we had a repairman here working, and he was at his truck doing something with the equipment inside. It was time to feed the outside dogs, who’d been hanging around in the yard waiting for me.

Lucy (our Jack Russell Terrier) stays in the house, and I planned to bring her along outside, but needed to keep an eye on her since the repairman was there. For some reason she wouldn’t leave the house. I was getting frustrated as I held the door for her and flies filled my house. “Lucy, COME ON!!”, I growled.

Bailey, our youngest lab, had recently learned to roll over. It’s now what she does whenever she wants something, whether I ask her to or not.


So, I am yelling at Lucy to “come on!” and Bailey is frantically rolling – back and forth in the yard – thinking I will come feed her more quickly if she pleases me with her zealous rolling.

Puppy-Girl, the third and older Lab – knew the food bowls are in the barn. As soon as she saw me step out of the door, she took off like a shot toward the barn, past the repairman’s truck.

It’s then that I notice that the guy had been watching all this. His comment was that I certainly had frightened the big dog – since as soon as she saw me she took off running! There I was yelling at the littlest one – and the middle one is rolling around like she’s having a seizure. I could tell he was unimpressed with the yelling and the running, and puzzled at the choreography of the whole scene, frantic rolling especially.

I told him it was time for them to eat and that’s why they were acting that way, but I don’t think he believed me. Oops.

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Stay tuned for the next chapter. For now, you can read the rest of my dog stories here.

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