It’s About the Books

I’ve always got lots of great books that I am excited to tell you about…
Here’s a picture of all these wonderful books stacked up waiting for consideration to be featured in the HoofPrints product line. This is also where most of the reading happens. On a creaky old metal glider with peeling paint and retro Hawaiian cushions. I spied it in a junk shop at a car show and excitedly described it to my mom, who was also at the same show. Later, we met again and she informed me that she’d looked at the glider and saw no potential in it whatsoever. (Mom’s never been one to mince words, and crummy old things never were particularly endearing to her anyway) Even though I am 50+ years old, and should be quite past my rebellious years – her comment only served to make me want it more. Of course, I bought it, and here it sits in my house – doesn’t go with anything else we own, but by golly I have my own Vintage Glider. And I paid considerably less than the ones here

Vintage glider w-books1200w

But I wanted to talk about books, not gliders. For months I’ve been asking you all for input and ideas for new stuff. And every time I am inspired by all the help and insight that I get (mostly on our Facebook page.) Here’s a favorite new title, and I have MORE in the works, thanks to my trusty glider!

Anna Blake: THE most quotable equine author I have ever encountered…

Stable Relation Meme-zoom
I don’t know what the “experts” say, but these days my most effective book marketing has been in the form of memes.
It can be so difficult to distill the content of a book down to a few paragraphs, let alone one sentence, but Anna Blake’s writing style is so powerful and articulate that she makes my work easy. The quote above is from Stable Relation, which is actually Anna’s first book, in it she shares in detail the trials that shaped the woman who penned one of my new favorites Relaxed and Forward.

Anna’s take on Stable Relation – A memoir of one woman’s spirited journey home, by way of the barn:

“Any decent midlife crisis has a quality of time travel, in this case swinging back to my childhood farm and my disconnected, secretive family, then forward to the animals who became my family on the prairie. My dogs and horses were soon joined by some line-dancing llamas and a biker-gang of goat kids, defying gravity and every other rule. I rescued an abused donkey who told me he was Ernest, and Windy, an un-wanted chestnut mare who became our beloved herd matriarch. Even Fred, the duck lived by a code. It’s the memoir of my bittersweet transition from a mid-life orphan to a modern pioneer woman, building an entirely different kind of family farm.”

BKSTARStable Relation appeals to all animal lovers, midlife survivors, and anyone whose parents had problems of their own. It’s told in a strong, bittersweet voice, sharing life and death on a small farm and the healing power of animals.”

Includes a FREE Rider’s Prayer Bookmark. To order Stable Relation, click here

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