The Best Place to Bury A Dog

German Shepherd Dog Zack joined our family in the summer of 1999

Most people don’t realize purebred German Shepherds can be all black, but it is not uncommon; baby Zack looked like a little bear.

He was a cute little bundle of fur at first, but quickly became “legendary” among mail carriers, delivery people and bicyclists in the area. His thunderous bark and menacing presence was enough to make anyone who didn’t know him more than a little nervous. Just to make sure everyone knew he was serious about his position as “Chief of Security” here at HoofPrints and on the Keesling farm, he often escorted (read: chased) visitors off the premises whenever they left. Continue reading The Best Place to Bury A Dog

Remembering Puppy-Girl

REMEMBERING PUPPY-GIRL after a tearful goodbye in 2015…

Puppy came to live with us 11 years ago. Like almost all of our dogs, she was unwanted by someone else – dumped here at our “house in the country”. Most disturbing about Puppy’s start here with us – was the fact that she was just a young puppy – not much past weaning age – and she ended up in the bushes in front of our house on a sub-zero January night. The struggle with frigid temps would later prove to challenge her throughout her entire life. Continue reading Remembering Puppy-Girl

Part 2 – Rob and the Emergency Media Stand

Here’s my husband Rob doing his best impression of the alien face in this rough sawn board.

Fall of 2015 saw us in a bit of a mess; figuratively and literally. In sharing some pictures of our house remodeling project, I’d piqued the interest of Angie’s List Magazine photographer Mike Fender. Continue reading Part 2 – Rob and the Emergency Media Stand