Sometimes you have to look back… at scary pictures

JZ511All over the internet are quotes about NOT looking back.

My company even carries a necklace that instructs: DON’T LOOK BACK THAT’S NOT WHERE YOU’RE GOING. But today that is exactly what I am going to do.

I am going to look back.

House before we bought it Shown here is our house circa 1988, a few months before we bought it. At this point the nicest thing about the whole spread was the asphalt driveway, which was in surprisingly good shape. Except for the trench that the tenant farmers had cut across it in an effort to keep folks from driving in. People had figured out that it was a good place to dump their trash; everything from used diapers, tires, construction debris. No one had lived here for at least ten years.

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A story about trust… and following your heart

Billy’s Story – Part 1

Originally published in the HoofPrints Newsletter – November, 2008

In the summer of 2008, I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience… After years without a vacation of any length, my parents graciously offered to bring my 15 year old son Jordan and myself on an adventure out West. (thanks, Mom & Dad) To ensure that I didn’t worry about things back home, my husband Rob elected to stay here and tend to the farm and all the animals.

Our 2 week odyssey was packed with many miles and lots of sights and experiences as we traversed South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. The South Dakota leg of the trip included a stay at the HoofPrints Lodge in Lead, SD and trail rides guided by Andy’s Trail Rides.

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from Alexandra Kurland: Pulling Down The Brick Walls

Gina-Allie Desiderata quote600w
Quote is from Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata for Horse Lovers. More in HoofPrints latest newsletter here

I think this is one of the most profound horse training lessons I’ve ever read. So simple: “I wasn’t expecting this larger result. I simply wanted to find a non-confrontational way to help her understand that ____ were harmless. In the process I showed her how I could be trusted to behave. I could be counted on to be consistent and to be on her side. I wasn’t going to be petting her one moment and beating her the next.”

The Clicker Center Blog

Imagine you are riding your horse towards an enormous brick wall. There will be a few horses who are athletic enough and riders who are skilled enough to go directly over the wall. If they’re successful, that will tempt them to take the next horse straight over, and the next. And it will also tempt them to make the wall ever higher. Eventually they will either make the wall so high no horse can jump it, or they will try and force a horse over the wall who truly can’t make it. Either way, eventually they will crash.

If you lower that fence, more horses and more riders will be able to jump it successfully, but there will still be some who can’t. They either lack the physical ability, the skills or the confidence to jump it.

Lower it a bit more and some who couldn’t jump it before will…

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Of Moms and Mitochondrial DNA

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – to my mom and all the other moms out there…

Mom & mule 800wI’ve known my mom for a long time. (my whole life) She’s always been an inspiration with her “can do” attitude. There was no task that could not be accomplished with perseverance and hard work. Now that she and dad are retired, she’s applied that same philosophy to having fun and adventure. They set off across the country in 60+ year old cars. They climb to the top of Sydney Harbor bridge in Australia (gasp) and they ride mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The old car stuff is pretty much dad’s idea, but the mule ride was something mom always wanted to do. So, she booked the trip, and they did it. For those of you who don’t know about this ride, it involves riding mules on skinny trails next to steep cliffs with deadly drop-offs. And riding on a wooden suspension bridge that goes waaaayyy across – a huge distance above a river (and lots of sharp rocks). The fact that they’ve “never lost a rider” would be little consolation to my very much afraid of heights brain. But they survived, and had a very good time, too. I am flattered that she chose HoofPrints’ Tao of Equus jacket to wear on such a memorable trip. Continue reading Of Moms and Mitochondrial DNA